Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Vox Pop (Pre Olympics)

In May, Not Views hopped on the tube to Stratford to ask locals one very simple question..

What do you think of the Olympics?

Here are a few answers..

Dennis who's a lawyer and helps the market traders

'They said to me it's a done deal, the market's moving. 
You can't defeat the Olympics'.

Alan who sells bits and bobs

'Nightmare. Complete tragic nightmare. 
Absolute nightmare from start to finish. Tragic.'

Ezeciah who's an evangelist

'Who's going to profit?
Ain't it the business people?
They will surely profit a lot.'

Abdul who sells shoes

'Well, I'm hoping that it will affect us in a positive sense.
That's the hope...'

Sarah, Yasmin and Sheila who were standing on the steps of Westfield Shopping Centre
'As in benefit us? Young people? Personally, not really...
I think it only benefits people that get jobs and stuff, what do we have, we can't get jobs.' (Yasmin)

'But, it will improve facilities though'. (Sheila)

Alexander and Ruben
who were sitting on the steps of Westfield Shopping Centre

'It might be good for the tourism, but other than that...' 

'If of course the Olympics helps to bring in some money to open up some other leisure centres or youth clubs here and there, then yeah, then we'll see change'. 

We'll be back to ask the same questions once the Olympics has finished.

(These questions and answers will be up in our July post)

9th June 2013

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jubilee wanderings in Stratford

Wandering along the streets of Stratford on the Monday of the long Jubilee weekend I couldn't help notice that the streets were eerily quiet. Hardly anything moved and you could hear the wind in the trees. Odd? I thought that Stratford would be gripped with patriotic fervour!

But it wasn't.

At least not on the Monday.

So, I wandered..

past empty barber shops,

past quiet houses,

with photos of the Queen in windows

There was no-one to talk to..

and on doors.

So, I decided to walk back to the station,

and took a train 

out of the Olympic Wonderland.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Where is happiness to be found?

Where is happiness to be found? (1)

Stratford, recognised as one of London’s most deprived areas, has had a huge amount of money pumped into it, but will this money actually benefit local people? Or, will the inevitable price rises lock them out?

Where is happiness to be found? (2)

A security guard is dwarfed by a god-like figure at Westfield shopping centre, Stratford.

One heartbeat away

Estimates for the cost of the Games, a two-week sporting event, are as high as £10 billion. How will this affect people’s lives in a recession?

Way to Salvation

With their bags of shopping people leave Stratford, the new consumer paradise.

Stratford to the Porto Olímpico

Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro


Olympic Stadium, Stratford


Bus in Stratford

Belief in Sky,

Eu Quero é Deus - I want God
Construction workers' helmets at the Maracanã

belief in God.

Stratford station

Towards the Olympic Park,

Elevated motorway

towards the Porto Olímpico. 

From Stratford station

The need to be known

From the underpass, Rio de Janeiro

is universal.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wanderings in an Olympic Wonderland (Part 2)

This is a good question to ask,

and one that people often ask themselves.

On our wanders around Stratford we also asked this question.

Specifically in relation to the people who live in the borough.

How will the Olympics affect the people in the area?
Will it be positive? Beneficial?

Or, will it be negative?

Will the new construction of flats and a shopping centre make the area better for locals?

Or, with a rise in the cost of living,
will it force people out
and split the community?

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wanderings in an Olympic Wonderland (Part 1)

The Olympic money train is coming to Stratford in Newham,    

Park dog

one of the most deprived boroughs in England,
Swamp 1

in the midst of one of the deepest economic crises in recent times.
Swamp 2

No takers 
Not Views decided to take a wander in an emerging Olympic Wonderland
Car wash 1          

and found a car wash,

Car wash 2

and another...

Olympic Bow Locks

and a canal,

with plastic bags and curious swans.

Olympic stamp of approval

Eco Park

And signs of a greener tomorrow,
Olympic sponsor

We found that Stratford is ready.